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Legal surrogacy for Irish couples


• Can’t conceive or carry a child to term?

• Losing hope with each failed round of IVF?

• Overwhelmed by the details of the surrogacy process? Confused by contradictory or unclear information?

• Worried about surrogacy pricing and potentially increasing or hidden costs?

• Want to know all the legal aspects are always in order to bring your child home?

• Feeling like a failure? Blaming yourself that you did something wrong?

Surrogate and IVF programs in Ukraine for Irish couples


Irish couples struggling with infertility have very few options in Ireland.

At Delivering Dreams, if you have had 4 or more unsuccessful IVF attempts, or are unable to carry a child for any health reason, we can make your dreams of parenthood come true through Ukrainian surrogacy. 

Legal - Surrogacy in Ukraine is legally secure. There are specific federal laws in Ukraine that sanction surrogacy. These include legal protections for intended parents and your unborn child.

Affordable - Differences in economies make Ukraine affordable while assuring surrogates, donors, and medical professionals are paid well in relative comparison.

Irish Citizenship at Birth - A child born by surrogacy in Ukraine is immediately the nationality of the parents. Your names are on the birth certificate as mother and father with no mention of a surrogate or donor.

Coming Home - Getting your child an Irish passport is a straight forward and relatively short process. Your baby comes home in a few weeks.

What Makes Delivering Dreams Unique?

Located in both the US and Ukraine, we give you western professional service, financial and legal guarantees with decades of experience growing families in Ukraine. The Delivering Dreams' family is passionate about making great surrogate matches, having parents involved with the pregnancy every step of the way and making the overall process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We help from day one with documentation all the way through getting your child home. From the beginning of the process, you have access to our doctors to help develop the most successful plan of treatment. Your personal coordinator will be with you every step of the way providing information and update, answering questions and helping you with all logistics. 

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  • Learn about the process and steps.
  • Understand the benefits and legal assurances of our Ukrainian surrogacy program and the process of getting Irish citizenship for your child.
  • Learn more about our donor and surrogate selectivity and excellent medical treatment that translate to high success rates.
  • Get answers to all your questions!

Discover the Delivering Dreams difference. Take the first step today and learn more about how Ukrainian surrogacy with Delivering Dreams can be your path to parenthood!

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Cost of Ukrainian Surrogacy for Irish Couples

How Much Does Surrogacy in Ukraine Cost?

At Delivering Dreams, our goal is to provide you the most inclusive surrogacy service possible at the most affordable prices.

How much does surrogacy cost? The cost of our surrogacy programs starts under €40,000. We offer programs with existing frozen embryos, surrogacy with IVF, surrogacy with egg donation and with sperm donation. In addition, we offer a number of packages that offer clients the possibility to use multiple donors, have multiple cycles, change surrogates and do many transfers. We work with you to find a plan that meets your needs and the level of certainty you want. 

Please contact us to get all our surrogacy prices and the success rates for each of our surrogacy programs.

IVF cost and options in Ukraine

IVF in Ukraine is very convenient for Irish couples. It is not a distant location and our clinics can do personal consultations in advance, review your testing, set up and monitor daily your protocol all virtually. You would only have to visit Ukraine once for a short stay.

It is available to all traditionally married couples, as well as single women. Legally there are no age limits, but most clinics will not work with monther over the age of 51-52.

How much does IVF cost in Ukraine? Programs start at under €4000. There are different programs: IVF with egg donation, sperm donation, and tandem. 

Gender selection is available and legal in Ukraine and we package that service with the IVF programs if requested.

Please contact us to find the IVF cost of a program that is right for you and review success rates.